Going into Goats: A practical guide to producing goats in the rangelands

Marketing specifications

What to do

Producing rangeland goats that meet market specifications is one of the most obvious methods of improving profitability. The first step in marketing your product to maximise returns is to understand the market specifications and more importantly, to draft and deliver to those specifications.

To meet market specifications, particular management knowledge and skills are required including:

  • Understanding the specifications and requirements of the target market.
  • Assessing and monitoring the progress of animals towards target market specifications and/or drafting goats to meet market specifications prior to trucking.
  • Managing the grazing system to achieve growth targets and successful market outcomes.
  • Seeking feedback from the market and implementing practices to improve the management of the production system.
  • Evaluating marketing options regularly.

Inconsistent goat carcases such as these can be difficult to market

How to do it

Module 8: Marketing of the GiG Guide provides details regarding the markets for goats and goatmeat. Of particular relevance to rangeland goats is the information regarding:

  • Commodity export goatmeat
  • Live goat export
Live goat export

The main live export market for goats is Malaysia, Table 5.1 provides specifications for this market.

Table 5.1: Specifications for live goat export to Malaysia

Customer Size Age Breed Sex Other requirements
Malaysia slaughter 30-40kg+
Generally young goats Boer, Boer cross and suitable rangeland for slaughter (red headed) Male Prefer heavier goats
Malaysia breeding 30kg+
Young females Red headed Boers for breeding Female  
Commodity export goatmeat

The main export markets for Australian goatmeat are USA, Taiwan, Canada and the Caribbean. Other markets include Malaysia, Singapore and the Middle East. Table 5.2 provides an overview of export markets and their requirements.

Table 5.2: Export goatmeat market requirements

Customer Size Other requirements
USA 8-16kg carcase weight Skin-on, lean
18-23kg carcase weight Skin-off, lean
Taiwan 14-16kg carcase weight Skin-on, lean
Malaysia <10kg carcase weight Skin-off, lean
20kg carcase weight Skin-off, lean
Boneless very lean meatin cartons  
Singapore <22kg carcase weight Skin-off
Middle East 8-14kg carcase weight Skin-off