Going into Goats: A practical guide to producing goats in the rangelands

Animal Husbandry & Welfare

When undertaking husbandry procedures or practices on rangeland goats it is important to:

  • Handle the goats in a way that minimises stress
  • Maximise animal welfare
  • Pay attention to occupational health and safety

What to do

The types of husbandry activities that will occur in goat production are enterprise-specific. You need to decide which activities are required for your operation.

Husbandry activities:

Welfare considerations:

A note on stress and handling

The factors outlined above can all contribute towards stress in a rangeland goat. Stressors should be minimised or eliminated wherever possible. Reducing factors that cause stress will deliver benefits in terms of goat health, improved production and better meat quality.

Rangeland goats have a greater flight zone than other livestock as they are rarely handled. The flight zone is an animal’s personal space. Once a person enters the flight zone, the animal will move away. Low stress stock handling techniques respect the animal’s flight zone and use pressure and release techniques to move animals. Such techniques should be used when handling rangeland goats.